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Guide to Sending Fax from Gmail

Gmail has expanded its fields and is now developing its faxing services. Such services target those who are still committed to faxing, although the majority of people state that the service has been an obsolete option in today’s digital era.

The above explanation implies that not all modern people are familiar with faxing services, and many of them do not know how to send the files with the machine. Of course, it is a vital aspect since many companies still rely on the services even years after the invention of email and online systems. This article presents the basic guide to sending a fax from Gmail for those who need to use the service as part of their job.

Composing an Email

a person accessing emails in the officeIf you are familiar with the steps of sending emails, it is likely that you can use the Gmail faxing service easily. Note that the Gmail version of fax services is different from the conventional machines where users need to insert the documents to send them. The newer version of the service is entirely digital, and it means that users need to compose the message online the way they write an email. However, instead of an email address, you will need to add a series of numbers before the email address. Also, you will be required to know your domain. If you are sure about it, you can request to inquire about your domain to the service provider.

Attaching the Contents

Once you have composed an email, it is now time to attach the contents consisting of the email you just created before hitting the send button. It is not advisable to put the contents inside the body of the email since all contents included within the message will be part of the cover letter.

Cover Letter

Unlike emails and other messaging platforms, the cover letter is an essential part of the message. This part will be printed on the top sheet of the fax, and it is also the first part that the recipients will see. For that reason, you will want to include an important message on it to make sure your fax catches the attention of the recipients.

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