Established to give insights on what do commercial food operators use to prepare delicacies that make us go over and over to their establishments to quench our cravings, TQ-International Tech Engine has become the favourite hunting ground of professional chefs and cooks for the latest technology used in the culinary world. With almost all known brands, we provide you with manufacturer’s specification along with our expert’s reviews of these amazing products that make food preparation and cooking very efficient.

From heavy-duty commercial ovens, deep fryers, and cooking ranges to hot plates and induction cooktops to steamers, griddles, grills and broilers; we have also the latest baking devices such as sandwich press, toasters, braising pans and other devices used by most chefs in their work tables. Aimed to empower newbies in the food production industry, our insights on these many products will help you decide on the most needed equipment for your new food business. Along with manufacturer’s specification and our expert’s reviews, we gather testimonies of known chefs to help you decide on what brand will you choose making you an informed customer

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