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For over a decade, TravelQuest International has been arranging
specialized tours for a discerning clientele.


Tour Schedule


"Under African Skies"
June 26 - July 6
   China's Ancient Silk Road
& Total Solar Eclipse
July / August 2008
 Russia / Siberia
Total Solar Eclipse
July / August 2008
  North Pole
Voyage to Totality
July 19 - August 4
 North Pole
Flight to Totality
August 2008
Fire, Ice and the Aurora
September 27 - October 4
"Under African Skies"
October 15 - 25


  Costa Rica
Southern Sky Fiesta
February 21 - 28
Total Solar Eclipse
15 - 23
 South Pacific
Total Solar Eclipse Cruise
15 - 29


 French Polynesia
Voyage to Totality
  Easter Island
Total Solar Eclipse
 Experience Outer Space
Virgin Galactic



Since 1996, TravelQuest has built strong working relationships with specialty tour companies around the world who have provided our groups with exceptional services, from beginning to end of each tour.
Some of the companies that have earned our trust provide travel services not only to groups, but also to individuals and small private groups. By virtue of their taking such good care of TravelQuest groups in the past, we are pleased to provide you with their contact information to allow you to deal directly with them to create your own personal travel programs to their areas of expertise. We also support scientific conference travel packages to high level conferences like this. TravelQuest will not be involved in these transactions at all.

 Spain, Morocco & Portugal   

Optional trip cancellation/medical insurance is highly recommended.
Applications will be provided with initial invoice,

or you can sign-up online by pressing the Travelex button below.

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