Franz Josef Land & Eclipse viewing off Novaya Zemlya


On Board the Icebreaker:



For centuries, explorers set out for the North Pole by sled, ship, aircraft and even balloon, but it wasn’t until 1948 that a human finally reached 90º North. TravelQuest and Sky & Telescope magazine, in cooperation with Quark Expeditions, have put together the ultimate 60th anniversary celebration of that first visit with a North Pole expedition to include the August 1, 2008 total solar eclipse aboard the Russian icebreaker 50 YEARS OF VICTORY, one of the few ships powerful enough to push through the formidable Arctic ice pack.

      We will bring together a group of specialists for shipboard lectures on everything from astronomy, polar exploration, Arctic birds and marine life, providing incredible insight to our exploration of the Far North. Whether you join us for the exploration on the ice where no one may have walked before, sight a whale from one of the ship’s nimble Zodiacs, or just watch the powerful 50 YEARS OF VICTORY plowing through pack ice under the midnight sun, you’ll discover the High Arctic not as a passing vista, but as an immediate, vital, constantly changing environment – a place where the indescribable mystery of raw nature can still be experienced firsthand. 
      With just 50 staterooms on board the 50 YEARS OF VICTORY, our Voyage to Totality 2008 & the North Pole expedition will surely sell out. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey and add your name to the list of a select few adventurers who have stood at the top of the world. 
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