A visit to Iceland is literally a breath of fresh air. Compared to the urban regions of world most of us live in today, Iceland’s pristine wide-open expanses provide an incredible contrast, offering fresh air and pure water, along with incredible geologic features including steaming geysers, hot mineral springs, active volcanoes and glaciers that have sculpted the landscape. Do not let the country’s name fool you, in addition to all these geologic wonders, Iceland is also a land of vast green valleys, many dotted with famous Icelandic horses and sheep.

   We invite you to join us September 27-October 4, 2008, as we discover nature’s magnificence by day and marvel at the elusive aurora borealis by night.


   Of the many wonders this trip offers, viewing and photographing the aurora (weather permitting) and experiencing the haunting beauty of Iceland are the main highlights. With this in mind, most days of the tour will begin around 10:00 a.m., giving travelers who stay up late watching the aurora a chance to sleep late each morning. As Iceland is not a large country, each day’s activities in Reykjavík, in the Icelandic Highlands, and in the southern region of this island nation will cover relatively small areas. This means that even though we’ll see a lot of wonderful scenery, our longest day of sightseeing will be no more than eight hours, with most days shorter.

     Each clear night outside of Reykjavik, we’ll stand watch for the aurora borealis — eerie, ever-changing glows in the sky caused when energetic particles from the Sun slam into Earth’s upper atmosphere, literally electrifying it. Because these particles are channeled by our planet’s magnetic field, they work their magic where the field is oriented into Earth, near the magnetic poles. Iceland, close to the north magnetic pole, is blessed with frequent and spectacular auroral displays. They take on many forms: undulating curtains, pulsing rays, and dramatic overhead coronas, or crowns. Their colors — green, red, purple, or blue — range from subtle to vibrant.  

   This tour is limited to only 24 people, so contact us today to discover the wonders of Iceland and the aurora borealis!


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