Amazing China — the land of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the panda — is a land of mystery and amazement. The world has been so enriched by its ancient astronomy, unique cuisine, medicine and philosophies. Here is your opportunity to join TravelQuest and the editors of Sky & Telescope magazine on a journey to experience the wondrous highlights of China, and to witness the July 22, 2009 total solar eclipse – the longest duration of totality this century!



During our eclipse tour travels we will begin in Beijing to visit the mysterious Forbidden City,
  historic Tiananmen Square, and climb the Great Wall. Our eclipse tour will also take us to Shanghai, one of the world’s largest seaports and a major industrial and commercial center, from where we will travel to our centerline viewing location outside the city to stand in the Moon’s shadow for almost 6 minutes, the longest duration of totality viewable from land along the entire 2009 eclipse track! Our menu of optional add-on tours includes the opportunity to cruise the Yangtze River, visit Xi'an to see the famed Terracotta Warriors and Guilin to experience the dramatic landscape of rock and water that has inspired artists for centuries 

China is on the “to-do list” for so many travelers. Here is your opportunity to combine your lifelong desire to visit this exotic land with the amazing July 22, 2009 total solar eclipse. See you there!

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