Over 2000 years ago, the legendary Silk Road was the passage for the flow of goods between China and the trading centers of Persia, the Middle East and the Roman Empire. Along with merchandise into China, traders brought Islam, Buddhism and cultural traditions that endure today.

    TravelQuest International and Sky & Telescope invite you to join us as we explore the historical and cultural wonders of China’s Silk Road aboard the famed China Orient Express train, and to experience the August 1, 2008 total solar eclipse.



      Our exciting journey by privately chartered train will trace the Silk Road through China to the caravan cities of Xi’an, Dunhuang, Turpan, Hami and Urumqi. We will experience the 2-minute eclipse from our specially selected viewing site in the high desert, about a 4-hour drive outside of Hami.  
      Both first-time China travelers and those returning again will find this eclipse tour an exciting and adventurous journey.  
  • Our Hami Eclipse tour is a 7-day program, July 29-August 3, 2008 by air and bus, including eclipse viewing outside the city of Hami.


 Do not miss this special opportunity. Make your reservations today!

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