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Botswana is an excellent choice as a safari destination, featuring outstanding game viewing in open vehicles, uncrowded wildlife areas and small intimate camps. Most of the country is near desert, with the Kalahari dominating the western and southern part of the country. The Okavango Delta is an incredible wetland within this desert, receiving its water from rain falling over a thousand kilometers away, and sustaining a huge diversity of plant and animal life. In the northeast, the Chobe and Linyanti Parks are renowned for their predators and large concentrations of game. Elephants in Chobe National Park are the largest in body size of all living elephants and they number about 120,000.

      A landlocked country twice the size of Arizona, Botswana is stable and prosperous, and has blossomed since independence from Britain in 1966. It is Africa's longest continuous democracy and one of the world's biggest diamond producers. Botswana is fast earning a reputation as Africa's finest safari destination and, as far as wildlife is concerned, one of Africa's best kept secrets. On our “Under African Skies” safari we are pleased to share with you the wild places of Botswana. 
     These magnificent remote areas provide a means for you to reconnect with your natural spirit – something often neglected and forgotten in the modern, fast-paced world in which we live. Our aim is to share a journey that will both touch and change your life. This safari is educational, explorative, fun and insightful - we look forward to you joining us on this incredible journey. And let me mention that we are limiting group size on these safaris to just 8 people per departure. 

Aram Kaprielian


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February 01, 2008.
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